How Can DAOs Achieve Their Mission? Be A Platform.

You DAOn’t Say What’s the best use case for a DAO? What will the best DAOs accomplish? Is there anything a DAO can’t do? I don’t know. Nobody really knows, not yet at least. What even is a DAO aka Decentralized Autonomous Organization? Also unclear. Maybe somewhat Decentralized. Probably not very Autonomous. Often appears to … Continue reading How Can DAOs Achieve Their Mission? Be A Platform.

Job Versus DAO

In the transition from a job to a DAO, the question changes from: “Who will let you?” to “Who will stop you?”

Your DAO Still Needs An Operating System

By definition, a DAO reduces the need, in part, for that People OS. But, unless your DAO is completely autonomous on the blockchain and requires no human intervention ever, your DAO still needs some version of an old-fashioned, people Operating System.