Project-based, practical courses on blockchain, startup technology, career discovery, and operations.

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Blockchain and Web3

Learn the basics about blockchain and web3, including how it works, current crypto events, use cases and case studies, how to use a wallet and the blockchain. Click here to learn more.

Startup Technology

You’ll learn the basic tools that tech startups use that will change the way you work. As important as learning the skills, you’ll learn what’s possible and how to problem solve with technology. Click here to learn more.

Career Discovery

This course guides you through the process of figuring out what to do with your life, no matter what stage you’re at in your career. You’ll get a specific action plan that will help you get to know yourself better, learn what career paths are out there, and figure out how to align who you are with the potential career paths. Click here to learn more.

Operations for Managers

This course is for managers at startups to learn the fundamentals of business operations and management. You’ll learn actionable lessons to immediately build the relationships, systems, and processes to become the best manager you can be and make your team the most successful it can be. We help good people become great managers. Click here to learn more.