Dear Founders, Stop Trying to Innovate on Everything

If you’re founding an innovative company, you have a long, difficult road ahead of you. To achieve your goal, you need to focus your time, money, and energy on that goal. Because of the personality of many great founders, they need to question everything, do everything better, optimize everything, innovate on everything. “That’s how it’s … Continue reading Dear Founders, Stop Trying to Innovate on Everything

Operating Principles (with Example)

Your Operating Principles are the most practical part of your Foundational Materials. Your goals are the WHAT to do. Your Operating Principles are the HOW to do.

File and Folder Naming and Hierarchy System (with Examples)

Business Operations Fundamentals: Create a file and folder naming and hierarchy system to save hours of time when looking for files. Here are some tips and samples.

5 Guidelines On How To Design Your Organization

The product you sell will be a reflection of the organization you design.

Introduction to Execution

Everyone has ideas. Few can execute. You’re better off having great execution and the wrong idea because with great execution you can learn and iterate on your vision as part of the execution. On the other hand, a great vision without execution will get you nowhere.