Operations for Managers

Course Description

This project-based, interactive course prepares startup managers to create the most productive and happiest people and teams. You’ll learn actionable lessons to immediately build the relationships, systems, and processes that will make you the best manager you can be and your team the most successful it can be. We help good people become great managers.

Course Outline

  1. Company Operating System
    • Company and Team Foundational Materials
    • Goal Setting, Planning, and Prioritization
    • Execution Principles
    • Project Management
    • Communication Systems and Meetings
    • Operating Principles
    • Content Library and Documentation
  2. Management Foundation
    • The Employment Relationship
    • Value Exchange
    • What to Expect From Employees
    • Hiring the Best People
    • Onboarding New Hires
    • The Power and Value of Culture
  3. How to Be a Great Manager
    • Management In Action
    • 1-1s
    • User Manual
    • Time Management and Delegation
    • Giving and Receiving Ongoing Feedback
    • Performance Reviews
    • Professional Development


Part of the course will be doing various projects that both reinforce the lessons and also form your custom management handbook. Some of the projects we’ll do:

  • Create your team operating system based on your company’s foundational materials and other current systems
  • Design your management processes, including how you do 1-1, how you give and receive feedback, and tailoring your company performance review system to your team’s needs
  • Customize an onboarding process for your team
  • Build your personal user manual for how to work with you

Let’s get started!